The "father" of the Blade Children, born sixteen years before Kiyotaka and with one rib missing from his right ribcage. Like Kiyotaka, Yaiba excelled at everything he put his mind to. He began a secret society when he was twenty-three years old, which swiftly grew to gigantic proportions and became able to manipulate world events. Citing boredom, Yaiba initiated the "Blade Children Project" in order to literally remake the world in his own image. Using in vitro techniques, he seeded his DNA and created a total of eighty children. These children all had a rib removed at birth to signify them being of Yaiba's blood. They were cursed in the same way Yaiba was: they would grow up as geniuses in their own right, but one day their blood would awaken murderously and take over their self-will, becoming avatars of Yaiba. The project caused a split amongst his followers, creating three factions: the Savers, who continued to support him; the Hunters, who tried to kill him and the Blade Children; and the Watchers, who believed that the Blade Children should be kept under observation until it emerged that they would be dangerous. The Hunters tried multiple times to kill Yaiba, who managed to survive every assassination attempt, from bullets to bombs. Eventually, when Yaiba was thirty-six years old, Kiyotaka Narumi emerged from seemingly nowhere and easily killed him. With Yaiba's death, the Blade Children Project was halted; Kiyotaka took control of Yaiba's operations, trying to stop the Hunters from killing all the Blade Children and keeping the Savers in check at the same time.


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