Ryouko Takamachi
Gender: Female
Age: 17(debut)
Species: Human
Family: unknown aunt eyes rio kouske siyoko
Afflitions: Blade Children
Status: Active

Ryouko Takamachi (高町亮子, Takamichi Ryōko) is one of the Blade Children.


Ryoko is a sporty teenager who is against the violent, murderous tactics employed by the other blade children. She is Kousuke Asazuki's childhood friend and love interest even though though as blade children they are half siblings. Ryoko often smacks Kousuke around whenever he acts up. The two have small spats throughout the years, making Ryoko stomp off, while Kousuke looks wistful. In the epilogue it is revealed that she went on to become an Olympic athlete.

In the anime, Ryoko is reluctant to plan for the future since she believes she will fall to the "curse". She refuses to rejoin with the Blade Children, until Eyes challenges her. She loses the challenge and proceeds to rejoin despite her annoyance. Ryoko's reluctance is caused by Kousuke's change in character in their early tweens. She dislikes how Kanone changed Kousuke into a murderer.


Ryoko has short brown hair and the characteristic slip pupils of the blade children.




Kousuke Asazuki - Childhood Friend, Love Interest.


  • Ryoko has a similar appearance to Kanone making it difficult to differentiate between the two in cutscenes and scans at certain points.
  • Ryoko has the most humanity compared to the rest of her half-siblings.
  • Ryoko is astonished upon learning Rio is older than her; however, Rio refers to Ryoko as her elder because of body structure differences.