Rio Takeuchi is one of the most dangerous of the Blade Children.

Rio Takeuchi
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (debut)
Species: Human
Family: None
Afflitions: Blade Children
Status: Active


Rio is introduced as a sweet little girl who appears to be very innocent.But she is the opposite of what she appears. Rio is actually a devilish girl who takes risks and is feared by her fellow siblings. Rio is shown as being very sufficient in technology especially bombmaking. Rio has no problem receiving damage if it helps her cause. She was willing to have a small bomb explode by her ribs so that she won't be exposed of being one of the Blade Children. She is quite stubborn as well, seeing as she demands expensive melons at Kousuke and calling him a cheapsake when he doesn't. She is very loyal to the other Blade Children, and she kills Kanone with gas poisoning. Rio doesn't bother with the fact that Kanone is also one of the Blade Children, she didn't want him to reveal anything about the rest of the secrets of the others to Ayumu.


Rio has grey hair and eyes and often seen in pigtails with orange bows. She physically looks like a 13-year-old girl around 155cm(5'0 ft),but is actually 16.



  • Rio can mean river in Spanish.
  • Rio is a known as "The Fire Pixie" for her specialty of creating bombs.