Kiyotaka in his casuals.

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He is Ayumu's older brother, Kiyotaka Narumi. According to episode 4, he passed the card guessing game with one question. He is only shown in glimpses in the anime and his face is never revealed. All the Blade Children show deep admiration towards him. However, his fate is still left unanswered during the show's finale. Kiyotaka runs a organization in Japan. (Birthday: December 1- Sagittarius)

Spoilers for manga series

In the manga, Kiyotaka has a more pivotal role at the climax and has a darker side to his reasoning on why he chose working with the Blade Children. Kiyotaka was a brilliant detective and was a master at solving cases. He met his match in a man called Yaiba, who was the father of all the Blade Children. Yaiba was a cruel monopolizer wanting to control the world to his whim. Kiyotaka was the one to take the middle-age Yaiba down in his late teens-early twenties. However, he learned the reasoning behind the Blade Children and how Yaiba created a clone, Hizumi, of himself. Kiyotaka chooses to create a clone rivaling Yaiba's: Ayumu Narumi, who he tricked into believing he was Kiyotaka's younger sibling. Kiyotaka was considered God to Yaiba's Devil.