The Blade Children's main enemy. The Hunters abhor the Blade Children, whom they see as abnominations. Hunters wish to eliminate all the children before their "switch" is activated. (The "switch" happens when the child turns eighteen and is officially an adult; they go on a murder spree or reek mayhem in the economical world). The Hunters wish to stop this process before mankind is taken over by these overly-skilled children.

Random FactsEdit

The anime and manga have several examples of Hunters. The Hunters usually appear out of nowhere; and quickly disappear once found out. They are a crafty organization, notably the Hunters is mostly a male-driven group since hardly any females are shown.

Anime and Manga differencesEdit

In the anime, Kanone has become one of the Hunters despite being one of the Blade Children. The reason being he was kept alive to murder the other children; before being targeted himself. Madoka's boss is also a hunter; he is outraged when Madoka almost makes the discovery pertaining to the Blade Children.