Hiyono Yuizaki (結崎 ひよの Yuizaki Hiyono) is the heroine of Spiral:Suiri no Kizuna  

Hiyono Yuizaki
Gender: Female
Age: mid teens
Species: Human
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Afflitions: Ayumu Narumi(partner)
Status: Active


Hiyono is portrayed as an inquisitive reporter who becomes friends with Ayumu since exciting events revolve around him. She is always happy and is quite the chatterbox, much to Ayumu's annoyance. Hiyono isn't afraid to use blackmail to get information out of people (in the anime- Madoka's partner Wataru). Hiyono seems to have more knowledge of events transpiring around her. She is quick-witted and although appearing delicate she carries various weapons that can do serious damage (Kousuke almost gets zapped by her tazer.

There are many instances in both the anime and manga series that imply she has feelings for Ayumu.


Hiyono has a youthful appearance.She is petite and usually has her brown hair in braids and has bangs almost touching her eyes.


Hiyono is the school journalist, and it is believed that she can even blackmail the teachers. She has a notebook with all of her notes in it. Hiyono is Ayumu's sidekick, and is always helping him out in the different cases.

Relationship with AyumuEdit

  • Hiyono is always shown hanging with Narumi Ayumu, she may have been his first friend since he chooses to be antisocial. She especially likes to hang with him during his mystery solving cases. Hiyono is the president of their school's Newspaper Club, she's known to have almost all data regarding the school (the school itself, teachers,students, etc.). Ayumu has said that she uses all this data to blackmail others. Because of her data collecting skills, she becomes a valuable asset when it comes to gathering infromation regarding people involved in the case/s they are solving. In the manga, it is revealed Hiyono was a spy sent by Kiyotaka to watch over Ayumu during his progression on solving the Blade Children mystery. Though at the end, they may not have been together, Ayumu gave one of his earrings to Hiyono. He said that she can return it to him when they met again in the near future. This indicates that Ayumu may have feelings for Hiyono (not her real name, her name was not revealed on the manga/anime). When Hiyono does visit Ayumu in the future, he willingly plays her a song on the piano, which she had pleaded with him for during their time as high school students despite being hospitalized and having his left arm paralyzed.
  • Trivia
  • Ayumu had told Madoka, in the manga, that he liked older women which now fits Hiyono after she is revealed to be an agent.
  • Kiyotaka is the only person Hiyono is shown addressing her hatred towards him. (She is bitter about Ayumu's certain death, who had already been through so much thanks to Kiyotaka. This may also hint on her having slight affection for the teenager).