Eyes Rutherford
Gender: Male
Age: 17 estimated
Species: Human
Family: Brother (Kanone)
Afflitions: Blade Children
Status: Active


A world-class pianist, he is second only to Kiyotaka Narumi. He is seemingly cold-hearted but definitely not heartless (he brought Rio melons when she was stuck in the hospital). Eyes is quarter English and debuted in the musical world at the age of 14. He cares a great deal about the Blade Children and would do anything for them to survive at all costs. He is exceedingly loyal to Kiyotaka's words and seems to believe in Ayumu the most out of all the Blade Children. Eyes knows much more than the other Blade Children do, holding secrets he keeps to himself. He is one of the first targets of assassination by the Hunters (after Sayoko Shiranagatani) but outwits them at a charity concert with the help of Ayumu and Kousuke Asazuki. Eyes and Kanone Hilbert had developed a bond as "brothers-in-arms" (figurely), even though the friendship between Eyes and Kanone seems to shatter once he learned of Kanone's betrayal of the Blade Children. Eyes appears to be the leader of the Blade Children; but treats Kanone as his equal and older brother.


Eyes is most noted for having white hair (anime)/ light purple (manga) that contrasts to the dark clothing he wears throughout the series. His wardrobe consists of leather pants with sleeveless shirts or an occasional tuxedo for concerts. He sports leather bands wrapped around his wrist. Bodywise, Eyes is noted to be thin by Kanone and rather sickly looking since the curse is starting to take effect. Eyes has blue eyes, and often wears an aloof expression. Although appearing bored, he usually is calculating behind his composed face. He needs glasses but wears contacts.

Plot SummaryEdit


  • Rio: One of Eyes allies. Rio is shown to have a crush on Eyes; but it is undetermined if he shares similar feelings towards her. Eyes shows kindness to Rio, since he brings her melons and risks his life for hers.
  • Kanone: Eyes's best friend. Kanone and Eyes are the only two to consider each other actual siblings. The two developed a strong bond in childhood. Kanone was the one who was more impulsive and driven by emotions, while Eyes was composed and aloof. When Eyes mother died, Kanone shed tears for him since Eyes had not taught himself how to cry over another's death. When Kanone loses his mental stability, Eyes is the first person he says goodbye to before becoming a Hunter. In the manga, the two make amends and Eyes is shown visiting Kanone's grave with a soft expression.


  • He is the only one of the blade children to know their mother
  • He does not care if he dies or not, as long as the other Blade Children can live.
  • He is strong enough to kill Ayumu but does not because he does not care